Kuortane Testing Lab (Sports Institute) | Study of the affects of Ritabella Slimbag (06/2010)

Weight: "Waistline has narrowed 4cm during the test period”

Rheumatics: ”I feel, that the Slimbag has relieved joint pain and back pain has not bothered me at all”
Recovery of an athlete: ”After using the Slimbag it was easier to begin the next sports activity”
”While using the Slimbag the muscle strain ended”
”Stretching when the body is warm is an absolute ultimate experience!”


University of Jyväskylä | Research of the affects of Ritabella Slimbag on top athletes recovery

This research has started during fall 2011 and it will be conducted during year 2012


The Finnish Psoriasis association | Test project in Oulu area of the affects of Ritabella Slimbag (05/2011)

The trial of Ritabella Slimbag was carried out during summer 2011. Here are some of the
comments by testing persons;

“Exfoliation in thighs and in legs decreased significantly. Skin on the soles is not thickening any more”
“Skin is beginning to feel actually soft!”
“Slimbag feels better than traditional sauna”
”Back and hips were relaxed and they are not shooting any more"


Finnish Institute of Occupational Health | CoSafe & HarshNET –programs 2010-2013

Equipment of the first aid personnel, Ritabella- products
Ritabella Energy vest was tested in the CoSafe- program and is now listed in the CoSafe catalogue
Ritabella- products are being tested in the HarshNET- program during fall 2011